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segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2016

Sincere or Skin Deep? Superior Asian Family Values and Respect for Elder...

Publicado em 11 de out de 2016
Is this assumption that is often encountered in Asia that ‘Family comes first’ and ‘Asian families love and respect their families more than in the west and have much stronger bonds’ a genuine statement?

Is the parental 'LOVE' that we see really 'love' or could it be something more selfish or even sinister?

In the news this past week, many in the country have become divided over a 30+ year old actress who has been giving every cent of her income to her mother since she was a child, asking if she could take control of her finances. Her mother outraged went public saying something along the lines of “I built you up and I can destroy you!” - not in a metaphoric sense, but literally. Many people in the country are outraged the the daughter had the hide not to respect her mother and do such a thing, while others support the daughter’s quest for independence.

This leads to the discussion of Wimintra and my latest episode of #SouthBySoutheast ...

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